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Making Bird House With Cub Scout Bird House Patterns

Cub Scout bird house patterns can be a great tool to spend quality time with your family. If your son joins in a Cub Scout program, usually you will spend your weekends doing lots of fun projects with him. This is excellent opportunity to learn new and exciting things together. However, sometimes you get confused to determine interesting projects that you can do with your son to fulfill his badge requirements.

In this case, one activity that you definitely have to consider is making bird houses. This is one project that has become the custom for many Cub Scouts in the past. Making bird house will help them to learn the basic of woodworking. Furthermore, it also promotes the development of their creativity. This is the right activity for these young scouts as they will accomplish a project and thus will feel proud of what they have done.

How to find Cub Scout bird house patterns

If you decide to build a bird house with your son, then you may need to find Cub Scouts bird house patterns to help you start the project. There are many sources where you can find these patterns. Woodworking websites usually offer a special section for these Cub Scout bird house patterns. There are other sites that provide information on projects that Cub Scouts can do and some of them provide bird house patterns.

For younger scouts, there are simple Cub Scout bird house patterns that only include four sides, a top, and a floor. These patterns are easy to be cut and uncomplicated to be assembled. Even younger scouts should be able to finish the project and make a functional and personal creation.

On the other hand, more complex Cub Scout bird house patterns are also available for older and advanced scouts. They have more complicated designs and can resemble little houses or even other buildings that the scouts can imagine.

For younger scouts, it is better to cut the Cub Scout bird house patterns before you let them to assemble the pieces because Cub Scouts are too young to use power tools. You may want to put holes on the patterns you it will be easier for them to drive nails and assemble all the pieces together.

As a conclusion, making bird house is a project that has become a part of custom among Cub Scouts. In this case, you will need to find Cub Scout bird house patterns to do this fun and educative activity.

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